Big Data - Hadoop - BIDOOP

WHAT IS BIG DATA?: The term Big Data refers to the set of technologies and tools to solve different types of limitations associated with the treatment of large amounts of data.

HADOOP ERA: Apache Hadoop is a Multi-Platform framework that supports Open Source software applications. This is a Multi-Platform implemented in Java that allows to work with thousands of nodes and data volumes on the scale of petabytes.

HADOOP is inspired by the Map&Reduce paradigm of Google, implemented by Yahoo!. In turn Cloudera provides the most extensive and reliable distribution of Hadoop.   


Pragsis is the main partner of Cloudera in Spain. On Hadoop, Pragsis has integrated a wide range of tools to develop a platform for Big Data called BIDOOP. Pragsis offers a wide range of innovative and revolutionary products, thanks to its Platform BIDOOP, allowing the processing of large amounts of information, as an answer to the new needs of the Big Data world.